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Bee! Reckless is an eccentric pagan soul and unapologetic writer from the Hudson Valley. She’s one of three co-hosts of Three Fates Paranormal Podcast on which she shares her passion for the paranormal & conspiracy theories. She’s been documenting the paranormal for nearly five years, been featured on various paranormal radio programs, & is the owner of a pagan shop where she is continuously encountering the unknown while studying up on metaphysical & occult phenomena.



| AS Degree in Fine Arts from SUNY Ulster | Parapsychology Diploma with distinction from the Centre Of Excellence & International Alliance of Holistic Therapists | Certified Reiki Master Teacher |  Small Business Owner since 2014 (Magick & Macabre Co.) | 5+ Years of Paranormal Investigative & Research Experience  |


PARANORMALBee has been featured on Beyond The Realm RadioThe Ghostly Hour with David Cook, The Icon Paranormal Filler Radio Show, and a few local radio stations (WSUL, Thunder102, & WJFF Radio). She’s also 1/3 co-hosts on Three Fates Paranormal Podcast.

ART: Her jewelry designs have been featured in many magazines, having been featured in her friend at C3Photography’s shoots. The magazines include; Tattoo Time BombXpressionsWildheart, Sour, & Gilded

BUSINESS: Bee’s Pagan shop was featured in Dirge Magazine’s 2016 style guide & in their web article 8 Dark Bathbombs to Help You Rest In Peace. In 2018, Bee was interviewed and featured on MagickTV. In 2018 she was also featured in an interview by the New Haven Independent about modern Gothic subculture and witchcraft.


PHOTOGRAPHY: Bee is an award winning photographer. In 2012, she was awarded a scholarship for her photograph Mourn. In 2012, she was also awarded a Special Recognition for Outstanding Photography from the New York State Fair for her photograph Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: In 2012, Bee was awarded Sullivan County 4-H’s Senior Leadership Award, along with the Norman F. Gabriel Award for outstanding leadership & dedication to the program. In 2014, Bee was awarded the Orange County Police Youth Collation’s community service & leadership award.


+5 Charisma |Bee is a seasoned Public Speaker. She’s given talks on the paranormal for libraries & museums in the Hudson Valley. She was a High School Theatre Major having preformed in performances of The Third Violet, Sweeney Todd, Dracula, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged, Revised), The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The Raven, The Nutcracker, and other various 4-H & Drama Club skits. |

+2 Intelligence | Bee knows the basics through intermediates of how to HTML & CSS code. She’s designed several websites. |

+10 Organization | Before graduating with a Fine Arts degree, Bee was a Hospitality & Event Management major. She finished 3/4 of that degree before switching to a major that resonated with her more. She may not have the physical degree, but she has the knowledge & experiences of 10+ classes on event planning. She utilized this degree when she organized a Paranormal Event for the Sullivan County Museum with her previous paranormal team The Sullivan Paranormal Society. |

-3 Will Power | Bee is more than a little obsessed with coffee. You rarely see her without a cup.


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